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Welcome to Reel-Cut Photo & Video!

A well-produced photo or video shoot is an investment in life's most significant memories. Moreover, Reel-Cut Photo & Video is dedicated to creating a timeless-cinema like video or photoshoot of your day while remaining respectfully transparent.
By joining the latest in video-editing and photo processing software along with digital recording technology with an artistic eye, members of Reel-Cut Photo & Video can re-produce a high-quality, emotional, and a unique reflection of your day onto a DVD or other digital medium resulting in a real cut experience.

(908) 577-0395


How to purchase your photo:

If you'd like to purchase a photo, please either take a screenshot of the picture that you'd like or send me the photo number in an e-mail with your request to emde@reelcutphotoandvide​

Note: If you're on a desktop computer, you can obtain the photo number simply by hovering over the photo. Cell phone users can obtain the photo number by long-pressing the photo.

Premium Digital Files are e-mailed soon after payment via PayPal.

E-mailed Digital Photos $3.75 ea.

Premium Photo Paper Prints:

4x6 prints $5 ea.

5x7 prints $10 ea.

Printed photos are mailed to the address associated with your Paypal account. If you have further questions or concerns, please send me an E-mail.


Photos taken by Reel-Cut Photo & Video will all be uploaded to Facebook & Instagram unless you specifically request for this not to happen. Send an e-mail to with your request. You can search for Reel-Cut Photo & VIdeo on Facebook and Instagram by simply performing a search by the company name on the respective platform.

Photo Shoots

Family mini-photo shoots at area parks or location of choice.

Video Shoots

Services include church events, birthday parties and weddings.

Digital Media Conversions

Converts VHS-to-DVD, VHS-to-Digital and DVD-to-Digital files which are upload-able to your cellphone or YouTube.

To reserve a photographer, call (908) 577-0395

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